Saturday, December 25, 2010

" i need u to understand"

"i need you to understand."

another easy to say statement which really hard to deal with.especially lepas u wat salah and u tkde reason nk back up ur action.
believe it or not ada banyak je situation yng end up dengan this kind of statement.sangatla sakit hati bile kite tanya dia .. dia jawab ngn line nie. rasa cam nk cekik n ketuk je kau bile ko cakap nie.

reason: "aku da tktaw camne nk explain how and y. its too complicated. ko kena think and try to understand by urself"

fact: not all things in this world can be explained by come the non verbal communication where instinct,expression & so called telepathic communications come to play their major roles.

its a way for da problem maker to escape from being disoal tk henti henti but it is such an unfair way for the victims to deal with the issue.mahu tk unfair when all u want is an explaination but u ended kena fikir sendiri. sengal.

why this line is unfair?

1. kalau i da taw why , i tkdela tanya u , rite? because i tktaw la i tnye..da penat pk, okay?
2. random assumption is just NOT my cup of tea. so why dun u at least admit it or explain it so that my thought wont run wild.
3. i bukan mind reader, i tktaw apa yng ada dlm ur mind.
4. u expect i paham u.. abes sape nk tolong pk and paham i?
5.u shud admit dat u messed up. coz once i find the real reason behind all these.. i might turn out hating u all my life.

But stil, life can NOT be lived up with theory. PLUS, feelings and emotions are damn hard to explain. so, there is still time when all u need is consideration from the other party and a deal of tolerations.
SOMETIME u stuck in a moment that there are too much things to tell them but end up u dun know what is the best way to do so. and most of us tend to choose letting them to think what ever they want and even let them hate us for being so.
HEY GUYS!, bear in mind.. hating someone that u USED to love is ain't easy. its not only LOVERS dat im referring talking bout family and friends as well.
there are cases of broken family end with this. there are thousand of friendship were broken by this.

in LIFE, we are living with manusia pelbagai ragam. there is no general rules can successfully be applied. u just have to learn from the experiences and u just have to learn how to put urself in other ppl's shoes.try to be considerate & avoid thinking just about u.yeah, it is unfair and hard indeed.
TETAPI ,once u da penah jatuh ,u ll be more aware of lubang and batu yng ada kt jalan in heading to ur final destination.
so guys, LEARN and live ur life !!

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