Wednesday, December 22, 2010

people CHANGE.

"People change"

Just saying this two words, u ll shut many mouths from keep on arguing.
simply said ..everyone seems to willingly and unwillingly agreed to this fact.

reason: every single being seem to experience it either realizing it or not.
regardless of the reasons behind the changes made , all changes undeniably hard to resist.

lets consider cases.

1. simple one.
u used to love singing. but one day, u realized ur voice is harsh bad. and u started to hate singing. and u even hate people who enjoy singing. hey pals. this mean.. u are changing because u are in jelaousy state.
darn!. not good. avoid this one , okay!

2. typical one.
u never care so much about ur appearance. as if.."color? what is dat??" but suddenly u were attracted to someone. u find out he /she like people with some sense of taste in their appearance. or maybe ur other half starts saying that u r look prettier/cuter in this and that . which later causing u to please them by being that new person.
ouch!! cliche isnt it? but this is not dat bad..but neva let other ppl lead ur way of living.u shud be aware of this level of changes. easier said " jangan ikut membabi buta" erk!! beware guys!!

3. best one
u are aiming for some certain thing like excellence.u ve been trying hard. but the target have not been achieveable guys, maybe there is something wrong in ur methods. in this case, dun afraid to make some changes. taking risk is applicable. dun forget, dat TRIAL & ERROR may be a bless!

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