Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"we need to talk"

"U Deserve SOMEONE better."

looking at this introduction and topic , i guess u might succesfully guessed what will this entry all about.
yo! yeah, perfect goal! this is about ultimate and most popular break up scene ever.
regardless saying.. this is my break up line few years back.ops. it is not given by me but given to me by my ex boifren who is now somebody's husband. PERFECT!!

all people around the world please be aware.. "we need to talk " bring more negative energy than the positive one.
FOR SHORTSIGHTED people around da globe, let me brief u with one thing.

there is NO such thing as the best way to break up with someone.

all break up thingy is HURTING and DISASTER.

most popular break up lines:
ultimate one was the first statement of this entry.followed by;

- i suddenly realized that you are just a rebound .
- i found dat i cant be open up while im with u.
- we are not in da same path nymore.
- i want to focus on my career / study/ life.
- i dun love u nymore.
- u r just too good for me.
- im happy with u but im happier with him/her.
- she /he understands me better
- i think we are meant to be just friend.

YEAH. it is undeniably a fact when some may said that breaking up might not always be bad.
and yes, there is no right way to break up with someone.
but people, please be noted that the more u tell lies the harder to let the other party to move on in her or his life. so. though its hurting dun tell lies. start with telling the truth.. so dat the next phase begin with reality.

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