Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i LIKe U because..

"i LIKE YOU because.. "

erk. cliche ,ayte?? but i do believe it happened somehow .

mumbling bout the above LINE.. my ustazah during my school time used to say..the way u like someone is various according to ur golongan usia. ahaks. lets recall:
masa u guys zaman tadika and primary school :
"i like you because u r seriously cute creature around me. "

"comey nye awak.. saya minat awak"

then u get into secondary school , reason u suke org pun da berubah;

" oh my dia hensem /lawa/ cun weyh."

" aku ske dia sbb dia gorgeous."

FACT : physical appearance attract u more at this stage. i m not saying at other stage u tk attract with physical appearance but im saying that percentage nye DAMN HIGHER.

later.. as u reach age dlm lingkungan 18 to 22..
berubah lagik. u akan mudah ske org yng CHARMINGLY CARE A For you.

" i ske dia sbb dia sweet la"..

"oh my.. dia sangt caring. cair aku"

FACT : sape sape yng pndai mengayat .. aihh ni la zaman kegemilangan anda. hey player!! enjoy ur moments okaih.ahaks.
but kepada sesiapa yng mudah cair.. BEWARE!!

and lastly as u grow older..

u like people that sincerely care for u and love u for who u are.
u admire the sense of responsibility that they own. u just love the way they smile when they sincerely smile regardless muka hot cam JESSICA ALBA/ JOHNY DEPP or just a TYPICAL guy/girl next door.simply said i love u if u seriously considering in marrying me.

to be noted:
as normal human being, im pretty sure u'll undergoes these stages. maybe ur stages dlm lingkungan umur yng bebeza. well there are ppl u get marry as early as 20 and live with great smile in their faces, rite.?
and as stated earlier there is also cases u like someone for no reason. how much she or he is annoying u but u still misses her/him . coz for no reason u just like him/her.feeling is as complicated as DNA, differently vary with each other..and it is hard to control coz it is definately GIFT from ALLAH which can not be replicated by us.

just bear in ur brilliant mind.. before u break others consider u at their shoe. im not saying dat u have to like ppl who like u, but i just wish dat more ppl are being more considerate and try not to playing with other ppl 's feelings.thanks.

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