Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"I care."

" because i care"

hey people, hav u ever realized that there are numbers of things u dedicated special effort because
u care for it.

1. membebel and get angry!

its a feeling expressed when what u care dun seem to be in the right track.
seriusly if sumone marah u, that is because dia care for u.

example : parents!
korang rasa kalau dorng tk kisah, dorng akan marah ke?
sbb dorng kisah la dorang marah.
same goes to friends.
u sedar tk hanya kawan baek mampu marah kawan dia. sbb hanya kawan baek yng
care ttg whats goin on in urlife.

2. made up over mistakes.

Sumtime things were not goin according to plan.
so when u make up thing dat slipped from plan, meaning u care for that stuff.
even with saying SORY.
kalau da sampai explain things out,
u can feels dat he /she care for misfortune happened.
kalau u tk kisah.. what passed is passed.

3. merajuk and memujuk.

fact : manusia hanya merajuk with ppl that he/she care for.
to get noticed by that other person.
to express out what she/he feels without telling.
memujuk?? of coz la u pujuk him/her when he/she matters to you.

to be noted :
tk smua org reti memujuk. so kalau dia tk pujuk, bukn sbb dia tk care.
just dat dia tktaw how to deal with it.they try to protect u from feeling hurt by not doin anythg more.


dun easily get annoyed if you encounter these stuffs!
u r lucky to feels so!
u r more than lucky that someone care enough bout u to do all this things.

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