Sunday, July 24, 2011


a korean drama.

drama full of cry and tears.
da way the character holding up their tears was so awesome.
u guys should try watching it.

it reminds me lots bout my own cries and tears .

no matter how much i hate crying ,
the tears seems to be friend with me.

yeah,i might not cry out loud .but tears are stubborn as me.
dia datang uninvited running through my cheeks.

they are few event where i cant seem to hold my tears.
since back then till today.

i thought i was strong,
yet every time i looked at kids who cried , my tears seem to fall along with theirs.
walaupun the reason is so stupid like they want mainan so bad.
i have no reason to justify this one.

i thought i care less.
but every time they said "sorry"..
tears are falling ,
feeling glad that they knew they hurt me.happy knowing i do matter. overwhelmed because they admit they were once wrong.

i thought i m coolest person in the world.
when people i love yell at me out of anger
i ended up in tears.
i was alarmed.
without any first hand warning tears are falling like rain.

but honey,
as i ponder
i realized,
there is nothing wrong with crying.
it is never wrong to express the feeling in such way.
i m a human with feelings.
i m a girl with flaws.

but one thing i will always keep in my mind
i ll promise i will never let myself end up
drowning in my own tears.

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