Friday, June 1, 2012


Dear you..
(who cant be mentioned)

sometimes you give the great feeling like eating this cute marshmallow.

it is cute. such an eye catcher.
causing me to go near you.

the softness and sweetness of eating it capture my heart for a moment. 
causing me to feel as if it was the best food in the whole universe.
more or less like how i think you are the best human being ever .

then it melts in my mouth and gone.
leaving no trace.
disappear just in seconds.

but that was not the dangerous part.
next is the addiction.
yeah. this is the when red alert arrived.

after eating one, i want more!!!!

hurm. get it? your love is like a marshmallows.
and i am craving for one!


  1. dont go for it! its the hatred reality

    1. but the temptation is way too hard to resist. hikhik.


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