Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Deceiving is Unfair.


I was talking to a friend last night.
discussing how certain people are so freaking weird when they keep praising some people as great yet sticking well to the praise "you deserve someone  better".

Frankly speaking,
 that is super duper nonsense to me.

If she/he is great ,why you keep on pushing her /him away?
Knowing that some other person will be so lucky to have them,why didnt you try to be that lucky one?

My advise is:
 If she/he is great, wonderful, fun and you had no interest in being that special someone in her/his life, stop uttering some nonsense that somebody will be so lucky to have her/him.
If " I am so lucky to have you" wasnt your script,
gather some courage and try tell them that they are not what you are looking for.
Otherwise, just keep all the sugar words in your mind.

My point is simple,

Dont give them the breeze of Heaven if Hell is what you can offer.

One more thing,
  Although human are pretty weird because
 when they previously a bad experience with other people, they keep placing the disappointment to the next one,
Please remember this;

But still,
That is just how Life is.
If it fair and simple enough to all;
No one will try to survive.
Happiness wont matter much.
Appreciation will no longer in use.

So, people;

Thank you.

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