Sunday, December 9, 2012

It happens.

There are times when you feels like talking to someone 
not to just any friend but specific someone.
Because ironically you feel lonely in crowded places and feel alienated by their words.
The truth is, you only wish to talk to that special person because you wish they would care and understand what  had been bothering you.
Weird.But still it happens.

There are also time you are  all aware that some hopes and dreams are a little less than impossible,
yet you still slowly crawling towards them
Because there is a small space in your heart keep saying that  you might be the exception.
The truth is,denying is always easier that admitting.
Helpless.But still it happens.

There are thousands of times you have plenty of things in your mind
but keep struggling in converting  them into understandable words to outside world.
Because you are afraid it might lead to different meaning and cause hatred from others.
Not everyone can handle disagreement.
The truth is, you believe that no one would see things same as yours and your shoes  fit only to you.
Or maybe you just don't know how to fit  in other's seats.

Dear people,
These are just some old boring story which continues to happen.
There is no a good explanation for them at all.
Ain't no need to over think.
Life don't go quite the way you planned it.
Live and Learn.
Thank you.

You don't have to find reason for everything that happen.Just find one that make u smile.


  1. I'll make you curry. And make you happy. Cheers, darling. Life is funny. Let's laugh our heart out. ;)


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