Thursday, February 14, 2013

Come out and Tell

Hello darlings.

Don’t deny the fact there are hundred times in your day you are talking inside your head complaining and screaming out your disagreement.

Sometime, I really want to come out and tell you why the hell are you making things difficult by twisting all your words  when in  the end all you wanted to say is just “NO,I DON’T WANT IT”  

Dear darlings, the best way to heal a bleeding wound is to clean it then put on that super smarting medicine. Yes. It is one time pain which is for the better of “next” moment.

Letting the wound bleeds by just looking and kindly preparing the tissue to wipe the blood off the wound wont heals. You don’t have to be certified as doctor to know that blood loss is fatal, right?

I do acknowledge that living in community, unlike Tarzan in the Jungle, we will need to be cautious in spurting out words. But my point is not all the nice words are nice & not all the angelic acts make you an angel.

Beautiful nightmare is still a nightmare.
Ugly truth is still the truth.

Come out and tell.
Express , don't yell.


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