Saturday, January 2, 2016

Just me: 2 0 1 6

Hello darlings.
It s 2016.
How time flies.

Like any other new years,people will take turns asking on new year resolutions.
I m  not missed out on this occasion.
Here are my three.
1. Live healthier.
(Maybe I should say hi to some physical exercise too.LOL)

2.Learn to be a giver. During past year i have seen all the stories saying how much people receive upon one little act of giving.
Monetary wise is hard for people like me,hence I will begin with non monetary.

3. Re cultivate the reading activity. I am not so much a reader type. And i dont think thats a good thing. I shall at least read at least one book in two months.
(While by besties busy introducing their children on books i ll be busy teaching just me)

May we all  strive hard to materialize our own resolutions.
Love hugs and kisses,
Just me.

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