Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hooo Yeah!
 Ignore the grammatically incorrect of the hashtags
Contents that matters

Yesterday, I just celebrated my 2Xth birthday

Though my wish for surprise birthday party from my Hubby did not come true  yet I am so grateful for the time ( and money of course) spent by  him just to celebrate the birthday.

 It was indeed fun to have someone to celebrate it with. 
I love birthdays. Especially mine of course.

Being another year " younger" this year, I am  grateful and thankful for all the wishes from my loved ones ;  amazing Mom and adiks,honey bunch husband, sweet in laws, darling bestfriends and of course dear friends.

May happiness stick well with me,
May maturity bloom beautifully along my side.
I am blessed and I love you all, Darls!


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