Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Envy yet grateful

I envy them.
I envy them who had  great passion and get the opportunity of making it into real deal.
I envy them who had career that promise them security and they do hate doing it.
I envy them who stay near to their circle of gang and keep having fun with them without  have to stare at the some screens to kill time.
I envy them who had killer body or at least fashion friendly who look good in any things.

But yet.. despite all the time  I envy those people, I am most of the time grateful.
I am thankful that I am able to see things from different angle of life.
I am glad that I have people who accept and love me  while being the least that I can be now.
I am blessed that I still survive the old earth with good health and enough wealth to breath.

Obvious deal is that  grass is always greener on the other side.
We always want more.we always wish for  better.
My two cents  are simple; we just have to remember to be grateful for what we have while chasing the missing dream.
I pray that I will never forget that.

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