Monday, June 6, 2016

Lost and gain

Hey Darls

 Lost and gain.
No I am not just talking bout the KILOGRAM  in my life
Well obviously I am gaining more then losing in that sense.

 I bet not many realize that you lost quite many things in life  more than what you can keep track.
But because you also gain more , it settled between that.

Well, there are time you  will suddenly think of the things that no longer yours.
 Well at least I do.
In my case I missed all the friendship I used to have.

I can conclude that I dun have many friends.
 and it so sad to be saying " She/He was my friend." and
 it is even more depressing when the situation is 
" She/He was my bestfriend."

  Well, there is nothing more we can do about that right?
 So friend, 
wherever you are  
  I pray you are in the best health and happiness.


I miss you.


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