Friday, April 28, 2017

You got me fool.

I am officially 30.😄
Numbers may be big  lets make only the heart 💖 and happiness that grows along.😊😊

I have been requesting for a surprise birthday party from my hubby since last year. It was no sign of happening  till I actually stop😂😃

And this year with the baby who is still so little to be taken for an outing i had supress all the wish of having real celebration  of #birthdayLysh.😑😐

But I was taken by huge surprise when  it was here this year. Yeah , my long wished surprise birthday party was here this year.💣💥
Though it was only involving my husband and my baby and it was indeed the tear worth happiness. 😂😂

My husband did it!!!🤗😉😉😉🙆🙆

Though the cake part was a blown cover because i  once read the whatsapp on his😃😄😜

But it was indeed beauiful with all the balloon and all. 😍😍

Thank you Husband.Love you.💋

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