Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thank you. Alhamdulillah.

Grateful is definitely a great feeling.
Take a moment and you realized you have plenty to be grateful and thankful for.😊

Thank you,Ma.
She has been nothing but marvelously wonderful  mom to me.  Especially lately when she has been a real help for me in  being the new amateur mommy.

Thank you, adik adik Kakak.
They have been so lovely in entertaining their big sista who act like a baby still.
They are best at #LayankanjerKakakku.😄😅😆

Thank you,in Laws.
They have been the best one you could asked for.I have less awkward moments in trying to blend in with them as they are really nice and understanding. Now we really are family.🤗😆😊

And most importantly,thank you,B.
My Husband.
He is the best in... ermm let me try find the right word..Wait..Wait..
Still figuring out..
Ok.. in simply being Lysh's Husband.😆😎
He always help me with house chores.
He is the best in making maggi Goreng.
He is marvelously at cleaning Aqil's poo poo. Lol😛
He entertain my fashion passion like he get paid for.😂😁
And not to mention that he give loves more than numbers can counts.😙😚💏

Oh and not to forget that small circle of friends who has been  there for me through thick and thin.
I know i may not be the nicest friend you ever have or may not be easy to dealt with but  believe me, you are not easy too!
But i love you all regardlessly.
Thank you  for being my bestfriends, friends, or so called friends.(you may choose your label. Hikhik😆)

Again, Thank you.👏💋

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